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"Indulge" at Artigiani Del Gelato in Rhinebeck



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Last Friday I stopped by Artigiani del Gelato, a cute gelato shop in Rhinebeck to catch up with Kimberly Santoro of Glow on the Go Juice. I was invited to a private tasting last year. Mauro Sessarego, who is an associate professor at the Culinary Institute of America In Hyde Park, owns Artigiani del Gelato, and has partnered with Glow on the Go. Santoro is excited about being able to share the space to create and sell her cold pressed juices and smoothies to customers. As the store also offers gelato, macaroons, and other delicacies, the store’s tagline “Indulge” is fitting.

I sat down and enjoyed the Coco Banana Blast Smoothie (the ingredients are homemade raw cashew nut milk, raw young Thai coconut water and coconut meat, banana, date, cinnamon and stevia), which was delicious, and tasted of so many things. It is kind of hard to describe. The cold pressed juices and smoothies she sells are the best around so I’m very happy that she is selling her products in Rhinebeck. She said most of her clients use juices to complement their healthy lifestyles, but she does get a few cleansing set requests. Customers can choose from Glow’s most popular juice and smoothie blends from the case daily or place a special order to pick up in store at your convenience. Local delivery service is also available.

“Some people are hesitant about trying a green juice, but if I can convince just one person who walks in to the store to try it, and they love it, that is really satisfying,” says Santoro. If you are in the mood for gelato decadence, you have your pick of options. Though I didn’t try any this time, I will go for it next month, on a warmer day. If you’re in Rhinebeck, stop by Indulge, for a juice, gelato, or a Me Oh-My Pie cookie or pie. They will be joining the Indulge team in February.

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