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Hookline Fish Company brings Northwest-style Smoked Salmon to Kingston



I love smoked salmon so when I learned that Hookline Fish Company was going to be selling smoked salmon at their new store on Route 28, I got very excited. (It is at the site of the former Catskill Mountain Coffee cafe). I stopped by there last Friday to meet the owner Skip Card, and take-home a small box of smoked salmon. Skip smokes all the salmon himself using the Northwest style method, which he explains in the video below. I forgot to ask him how this kind of salmon is usually served, but I put it on a toasted a slice of Bread Alone bread with a dab of butter and dijon mustard on it. It was heavenly! Very tender, moist with just the right amount of salt and smokiness. Later I asked Card about how to best enjoy this type of salmon.

“I don’t know if there’s any particularly “Northwest” way to enjoy the smoked salmon. But if there is, it’s probably to just eat it by itself, or maybe with a salty cracker or some buttery cheese. People often want to add my salmon into a chorus of other stuff, such as creamy dill sauces or cheese-topped bagels. But I prefer to let the salmon get a solo voice and stand out by itself. It pairs well with a variety of foods, but I feel the taste comes out best when it’s eaten separately rather than mixed together with other stuff,” says Card. Hookline Fish Company just opened on November 27th, and Card says he will probably be adding more varieties of smoked salmon, and maybe even fresh fish, as many customers have already suggested.

Card was ready to put 35 pounds of salmon into the smoker when I was there so he invited me to get a close up look, explaining the smoking process. I’m looking forward to trying out whatever else Hookline Fish Company will have to offer! In his former life Skip Card was a copy-editor for the New York Post, writing the catchy witty headlines we love to laugh and groan at. Smoking fish was his hobby for a long time, and he decided to turn it into his Hudson Valley business. Hookline Fish Northwest-style smoked salmon can also be found at The Lobster Place in NYC, Adam’s Fairacre Farms in Kingston, and Sunfrost in Bearsville. The store is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and also by appointment right now.

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