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Meg Ferrigno Speaks at The Tibetan Center in Kingston



Meg Ferrigno
  • Meg Ferrigno

Consumerism and climate change seem to be never-ending forces shifting and shaping earth's landscapes. Water has become one of earth's rare commodities and both climate change and consumerism are gobbling it up. Tibet, often considered the world's "third-pole" as it contains one-third of the world's fresh water supply, has unofficially been labeled an occupied country under the control of the People's Republic of China. Subsequently, the world's eye has shifted its gaze upon the grasslands of the sacred country, and many have lent a helping hand. The Pureland Project is one such organization.

On October 19, Meg Ferrigno, director and founder of the nonprofit organization The Pureland Project, will speak at The Tibetan Center in Kingston regarding environmental and sociopolitical issues of the country. The Pureland Project funds education at three schools in eastern Tibet that work to empower grassroots movements for environmental sustainability and community wellness. The project also supports Garchen Rinpoche’s communities and Ahimsa House, in Philadelphia, which serves as a training center for nonviolence and healing arts.

The schools funded by The Pureland Project preserves Tibetan culture by teaching the Tibetan language, the creation of local economies, and the improved access to technologies.

Ferrigno's talk will discuss the developmental process for creating a nonprofit organization in Tibet. She will recount her experiences as well as address the difficulties and successes in her process. A Powerpoint will accompany the 2-hour presentation, along with questions from the audience and an open discussion.

The event will take place on Saturday, October 19 from 2pm to 4pm at The Tibetan Center in Kingston. Pre-register by calling 845-383-1774 or emailing There is a $15 suggested donation fee. Tea and refreshments will be included.

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