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Mi Lupita Mexican Cafe in Fleischmanns


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I discovered Mi Lupita Mexican American Cafe, a nice little Mexican restaurant, while passing through Fleischmanns last year. I was resistant to trying this place. It looks very small on the outside, and when you walk in all you see is a convenient store with an eclectic candy section, so I didn't imagine there was a nice cafe behind the curtains leading past the store. After a bit of squabbling, we decided to take a chance.

The cafe has nice big booths, and is family friendly. I had the pumpkin flower quesadilla. I never had pumpkin flowers before. They are kind of sweet, but it made for a delicious vegetarian quesadilla. Tom had the chicken enchilada. Unfortunately, it came with white rice, which he didn't eat since he is diabetic. The server apologized and said that they had run out of the other kind. The kids enjoyed their cheese quesadillas.

I ordered a side of guacamole even though I did not see it on the menu, and it was good though it was very liquidy and not like the guacamole I am used to. Even though it was soupy, the taste was really good and I ended up eating the small bowl of it with their delicious chips. The owner of Mi Lupita is from Mexico, and very proud of the food they serve. I would definitely come back here and try out other Mexican specialties on their menu.

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