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A Burger to Remember at Max's Memphis BBQ in Red Hook



SuperMax Burger at Maxs Memphis BBQ in Red Hook should come with a warning

Last Sunday, we had a memorable meal at Max’s Memphis BBQ in Red Hook. It was our first time dining here, and what made it memorable was the presentation of their Super Max Burger. It is two huge burgers topped with swiss, special sauce, and grilled onions. The Super Max doesn’t come with fries, thankfully. Tom ordered the chile for a side. (Seeing the size of the dishes, I understand why the sides are small tasting sized for $2). For my entree, I ordered a grilled chicken dinner salad, a huge salad with marinated grilled chicken, dried cranberries, and almonds. I ate all the chicken, and added their delicious bottled barbecue sauce on it too. My daughter enjoyed the kids homemade macaroni and cheese, but the serving was pretty small. (She has a grown-up appetite!) Tom gave her one of his burgers, so she was happy.

Everything was delicious. The quality of the burger was very good, and everything tasted very fresh. Although it was 90 degrees out, we decided to eat outdoors on their nice patio area to have a bit of privacy since the indoor dining area was pretty packed and busy. We had the patio to ourselves! We had been at Pine Hill beach earlier in the day so we felt refreshed. I’d definitely recommend Max’s Memphis BBQ if you have a craving for a huge burger and BBQ food and you are in the Rhinebeck/Red Hook area.

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