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Gavin McInnes Screens Film at Basilica



Think Jack Kerouac's On the Road: manhood, poetry, drugs, existential questions, and the open highway. Now, swap out Kerouac and his Beat pals for hipster Gavin McInnes and his high school best friend, Steve Durand, who haven't seen each other for 20 years. Add a standup tour, more booze, and teenage antics and what you're left with is The Brotherhood of the Traveling Rants, a road movie, documentary, and comedy about old habits and old friends.

It all starts with a "Bobshake." McInnes makes Durand swear he will accompany him on his tour to promote his new book How to Piss in Public with a secret shake they made up in high school. It seals the deal—it means "you swear on your life, no matter what, stamped, no erasies."

As the "Godfather of hipsterdom" and the cofounder of Vice Magazine, McInnes won't settle for just any book tour. Instead, he decides to make it into a comedy tour and document it for our viewing pleasure. At Vice, a publication focused on international arts, culture, and news, he was known for his DOs & DON'Ts column, challenging political correctness and all things mainstream.

McInnes remains true to this self as he navigates a different kind of coming-of-age road story. While he and Durand do relive the good old days in all of their glory, as always adulthood, real life, and careers inevitably change things. Throughout the trailer McInnes and Durand are mostly enjoying their rowdy bromance, but at the end they're arguing, making us wonder if their friendship managed to be truly rekindled.

Check out what happens to the pair at Basilica Hudson's screening of the film on July 4 at 7pm. Afterward, get the inside scoop from McInnes and Durand themselves during a Q&A. And don't worry about missing out on the Independence Day fun—Basilica will be firing up the grill at around 5pm, so bring some hotdogs and hamburgers to barbecue while you wait for the film to start. At nightfall, you'll also be able to get a great view of the Athens fireworks display from Basilica.

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