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7 Cool Towns for Hipster Cats in the Hudson Valley



Chronogram is so Tasty

Dear Brian Mahoney,

I have unfortunate news. My cat ate my Daily Dose blog post. It was a really good one too (“7 Coolest Towns for Hipster Cats"). I’m sure it would have elicited a good amount of social media engagement and maybe even a comment. Don’t worry. I scolded her and put her on the naughty sofa. See?

Happy April Fools!

If you really want to adopt a cool hipster rescue cat in the Hudson Valley, my favorite place is Animal Kind in Hudson. This is where I got my cat. The adoption process is very smooth. They do ask for a donation, but it is whatever you can afford. An adoption comes with a 30-day health insurance for the cat too. If you have to surrender your cat for whatever reason or if you find a stray, this place will give it TLC, and work hard to find a forever home for it.

Find out where to eat, play, and recharge your spirit in the Hudson Valley at HVGoodStuff.com

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