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Monday Night Groaning Table Feast at Duo Bistro



The Groaning Table at Duo Bistro in Uptown Kingston

Last Monday I went to the first Monday Night Groaning Table at Duo Bistro in Uptown Kingston. It was quite a yummy gluttonous dinner! Each Groaning Table will have a theme. The first one had a New Orleans-themed menu. As it was the first Groaning Table, there were only seven of us. We sat family style around a large table, and passed the dishes around. I remarked that it kind of felt like Thanksgiving in March. The food was plentiful and delicious, and it was all too easy to go overboard.

I enjoyed braised greens, dirty rice, Andouille sausage gumbo, roasted chorizo-stuffed chicken legs, salad with tomato ginger dressing, and corn bread. For dessert I really overindulged and had two beignets—one cinnamon, and one powdered sugar. It was a fun, casual, laid back dinner, and I made two new Kingston friends. Co-owner Chef Juan Romero sat down to talk with everybody and get their feedback towards the end of the dinner. I think when word gets out about these Monday Night Groaning Table feasts, the events will get more people. (By the way, Chef Juan Romero said they will probably limit it to 20.)

Duo Bistro's co-owner Chef Niels Nielson calls The Groaning Table the antidote for the pretentious dining experience. It is meant to be just an informal, really fun, and modestly priced ($20) dining experience. There will only be one seating, starting at 6:30pm. Reservations are encouraged, but they will accept stragglers when there is room. On March 18, the theme will be "Pasta Extravaganza," which will include handmade ricotta and spinach ravioli, handcut papardelle with sage brown butter and shrimp, antipasti platter, baguettes and butter, tossed salad with truffle oil and shaved parm, Italian broccoli rabe, and tiramisu for dessert.

*Editorial Note: The Groaning Table changed its schedule. It will be held one Monday a month instead of every Monday night. Please follow the restaurant's Facebook page for details.

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