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Album Produced by Rosendale's Dean Jones Wins Grammy




To be honest, I never watch the Grammy Awards. To me, the whole overly rhinestoned, look-at-me, corporate self-back-patting deal has always had more to do with industry bean counting (i.e., whichever manufactured pop-slop acts made the most money) than actual music. Every once in a while, though, the Grammys get it right, as in the case of Levon Helm’s last two albums getting the awards they so richly deserved. And this year, the governing National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences yet again nailed it when it bestowed the award for Best Children’s Album of the Year upon the Okee Dokee Brothers’ Can You Canoe?—a recording produced by Rosendale’s own Dean Jones at his No Parking Studios.

Based in Minneapolis, the Okee Dokee Brothers—vocalist-banjoist Justin Lansing and vocalist-guitarist Joe Mailander—wrote the songs for Can You Canoe?, their third album of sunny bluegrass/Americana kindie folk, during a month-long journey down the mighty Mississippi River in, you guessed it, a canoe. Jones, besides being our local man of a million bands, is no stranger to cool kids’ music himself, as a member of the long-running children’s band Dog on Fleas and the maker of several fine kid-friendly solo albums. Way to go, Dean!

Here's a fly's eye peak at the golden sessions themselves:

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