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Birch Body Care in Kingston: Massage & Power Naps



Service Menu at Birch Body Care
  • Vanessa Ahern for Hudson Valley Good Stuff
  • Service Menu at Birch Body Care

Birch Body Care in uptown Kingston opened two months ago. It's a cute friendly neighborhood day spa with a growing list of clientele. The waiting room is colorful and inviting. After reading the list of services they offer, I decided on a quick power nap since we didn't have too much time to spare on date night. My husband and I had a pre-Duo Bistro dinner power nap last Friday around 6pm. It was a fun novel relaxing experience. You don't need a reservation for a power nap or a chair massage. Ani Kaiser, the owner and a massage therapist, set us up in the couples room, placed scented eye pillows on our faces, and wrapped a warm blanket over us. Soft spa music played in the background. It was a 10 minute vacation! She knocked on the door when our time was up. Kaiser is still tweaking the service menu, but she says so far the most popular service is the $20 chair massage. "People come and say I got a knot in my back and $20. Help!" says Kaiser. With relatively new The Yoga House down the street, Ani said somebody had remarked that they should rename Crown Street "Wellness Way"—why not?

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