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Eyesore to Art




It is usually frowned upon to paint all over city property. Without worry of arrest, the city of Kingston is allowing artists to become the next Kaws. In partnership with the city, New York City nonprofit ArtBridge is taking submissions for its newest installation on the Greenkill Avenue Bridge. Paintings, photography, collage, and all types of two-dimensional media are welcome. The chosen works will be reproduced in high resolution on weather-resistant vinyl and hung on the bridge.

ArtBridge was founded in 2008 by artist and designer Rodney Durso. The aim was to turn urban eyesores, scaffolding, fences, and now bridges into pieces of art. A 2010 project in Chelsea by the nonprofit allowed 25 artists to hang their pieces around the London Terrace Garden building's scaffolding. The construction behemoth that was Atlantic Yards, home to the Brooklyn Nets' new Barclays Center, was also turned into an exhibition.

This is the company's first venture out of the five boroughs. The submission deadline is December 30. The artwork is set to unveil in March 2013.

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