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Winter Wonderland Parade and Mario's Pizza in Port Ewen



Hot Gondola at Marios Pizza in Port Ewen

We had a serendipitous night in Port Ewen on Saturday. On the way to A Frosty Fest, we noticed a line of floats carrying holiday displays waiting to make a turn into Port Ewen. The streets were lined with families waiting for the annual Winter Wonderland Parade. Kids were waiting for a meet and greet with Santa. We all grabbed a cup of free hot cocoa. Toward the end of the parade, we grabbed a spot at Mario's Pizza, a small family owned pizzeria on Broadway. I love their pizza, especially their white pizza, but my favorite thing to order at Mario's is the Hot Gondola. The Hot Gondola is a huge hot sub with ham, salami, pepperoni, and melted cheese. It's so bad, but so good!

My husband ordered homemade baked potato soup, but unfortunately for him, I ate most of it because it was so very buttery and tasty! He enjoyed Mario's Chicken Supreme, which was served on penne. My daughter ended up eating half of it so we shared the Hot Gondola. Mario's Pizza is a warm and cozy old-fashioned neighborhood pizza place, but if you drive too fast you may miss it! Mario's Pizza, 186 Broadway, Port Ewen, NY (845) 338-1157.

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